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Why Link Financial

Link Financial, LLC was formed with the core belief that clients want a partnership with their financial planner. They want someone who will be held accountable, and act with integrity on their behalf. They want someone who has an unwavering belief that the clients’ best interests should always be placed ahead of their own. And, more importantly, they want someone who will be there when they have needs, concerns or life changes. What they don’t want is a toll free number, or an assistant, because their financial planner has “bigger fish to fry”. It is in clients’ times of need where I believe the long term relationship is cemented – by being there when clients need you most.

With over sixteen years in the industry, I have specialized in assisting corporate executives, high net worth individuals, and their families with accumulating assets, and planning for their golden years in retirement. I have worked with executives within some of the largest companies to help them understand, and take full advantage, of the complex compensation packages that many large corporations offer. In doing so, they were able to better structure their cash flows in retirement while minimizing both current, and future, tax implications.

It is our belief that the financial planning and wealth management should be a collaborative approach. Investment and financial planning strategies should be custom tailored to meet the unique needs of each and every client and their families. In addition, this should be done in a cost effective manner with a keen focus on maximizing returns while minimizing risk. It is also important to have a deep understanding of each client to ensure that the investment strategy stays within their comfort zone while striving to work towards their end goals and objectives.

This is done by serving our clients in a consultative and collaborative fashion, and keeping an open line of communication at all times. In today’s environment, people don’t want to be “sold” anything – they want to be educated so they can find the best solution for them. And that is our promise to you. We keep one thing in mind – the best interest of our clients at all times.

Associated with LPL Financial, we do not have any proprietary investment products, and we do not engage in any investment banking activities. Therefore, you can invest with confidence, knowing that the guidance you receive is objective and grounded solely in the needs of your unique financial situation. To learn more about LPL Financial, please visit